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All-terrain work platforms with crawler chassis

Do you need reliable height access technology that also works on rough terrain or in confined spaces? Our tracked telescopic boom lifts are the ideal choice. Thanks to their caterpillar drive with ground-protecting rubber tracks and their compact design, these special work platforms are perfect for working on uneven ground. Another advantage: with the telescopic arm, the tracked telescopic handlers achieve a wide lateral reach at working heights of up to 39 metres. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, with electric or diesel drive - we can offer you the right work platform with crawler chassis in our modern hire park.


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Read the frequently asked questions about our chain telescopic boom lifts here.

Your question is not listed? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are available for you during our business hours by telephone on 0921 789920 or by e-mail at info@wagert.de.

Do I need special training to operate telescopic boom lifts?

You do not need any special training to operate chain telescopic boom lifts, as the operator is legally responsible for the use and operation of the telescopic boom lift. You will receive instruction in the operation of the equipment from us before commissioning or when you collect the chain telescopic work platform you have hired. However, we recommend that you attend an appropriate IPAF training course at our training centre to ensure the safe use of the chain telescopic boom lift.

Am I allowed to transport loads in the work basket of a telescopic chain platform?

No. The workman basket on telescopic boom lifts is only used to lift you and your tools to a height. Smaller materials that you can easily hold in your hands can of course be taken into the workman basket. For larger loads, such as sofas, safes, etc., we recommend a telescopic forklift.

Do I have to clean the telescopic boom lift before returning it?

Cleaning is included in the hire price for normal use of the telescopic boom lift. You should remove coarse soiling that requires intensive cleaning, such as paint, concrete, etc., yourself before returning the platform. Alternatively, the cleaning costs for stubborn dirt will be charged separately. It is best to enquire about your individual application in advance at one of our hire stations or by telephone on +49 921 789920.

Do I have to refuel the telescopic boom lift before returning it?

In principle, no. However, please note that diesel costs are not included in the hire price. You will receive a fully fuelled tracked telescopic boom lift from us. You are free to return it with a full tank or use our refuelling service. The costs for refuelling will be invoiced separately. Please note that it must always be ensured that the remaining tank is sufficient for loading.

Do I have to collect the chain telescopic work platform I have hired?

No. Our telescopic boom lifts are not road-legal, which is why they may not be moved on public roads. Our in-house fleet of low-loaders will deliver your rented telescopic boom lift to the desired location on the desired date and pick it up again at the end of the rental period. If you have your own transport facilities, you are welcome to collect your rented tracked telescopic boom lift from one of our Wagert rental stations.

Is there a minimum hire period for telescopic boom lifts?

No. You are flexible when it comes to the hire period for our telescopic boom lifts. Whether 1 day or 100 days. There is only a minimum hire period for assignments with additional operating personnel. Please note that the applicable labour law must be observed. We will be happy to advise you by telephone on +49 921 789920.

Where can I hire Wagert telescopic boom lifts?

Our network of hire stations stretches from the Upper Palatinate to Franconia and Thuringia all the way to Saxony. You can find all our hire stations here. Depending on the enquiry and type of job, we also hire out our work platforms, lifts, forklifts and other equipment nationwide. Please contact us for larger orders. You can reach us by telephone on +49 921 789920.

Can I book operators for the telescopic boom lifts?

Conditionally, as long as the rented chain telescopic work platform allows it. If you are unsure of how to operate the platform, or if you do not have the necessary training to use it safely on your construction site, you can book expert operating personnel for individual telescopic boom lifts. However, this service is subject to a minimum hire period. We will be happy to advise you in advance by telephone on +49 921 789920.

Are the safety belts recommended for using the telescopic chain platform included in the hire price?

No. All our telescopic boom lifts are delivered to you without safety harnesses. However, PPE kits (PPE = personal protective equipment) can be purchased from us. For safety and hygiene reasons, it is unfortunately not possible to hire safety equipment.

Am I allowed to drive on public roads with a tracked telescopic work platform?

No. Our telescopic boom lifts are not road-legal, which is why they may not be used on public roads. We will be happy to deliver your hired tracked telescopic work platform to your site.

Can I hire a telescopic tracked work platform from Wagert as a private individual?

Yes, you can hire all our telescopic boom lifts as a private individual at any time.

What is the largest tracked telescopic boom lift I can hire?

Our largest tracked telescopic work platform, the KT 390 GT, reaches a working height of 38.6 metres.

Intelligent solution for difficult terrain: tracked telescopic boom lifts

This work platform is the all-rounder when it comes to realising high working heights in difficult terrain. Our flexible tracked telescopic boom lifts can be positioned precisely and are predestined for challenging applications

  • on rough terrain
  • on construction sites with slopes
  • in confined working spaces
  • at working heights of up to 39 metres

In our hire fleet, we offer you a large selection of tracked aerial work platforms that can be used in a variety of ways thanks to their compact size, low weight and telescopic arm. Whether you need a machine with an electric drive for indoor use or one with a powerful diesel engine for difficult terrain, you can hire the right tracked and crawler work platform for your requirements from us.

What are tracked telescopic handlers?

Tracked telescopic handlers are working platforms on a crawler chassis. The track drive makes them suitable for rough, unpaved terrain. The reason: On the one hand, the crawler track can easily overcome obstacles such as steps or bumps. Secondly, the surface load is manageable due to the wide, ground-protecting track and the low dead weight. This means that the machines can also be used on sensitive floors. This type of height access technology is also the ideal solution for construction sites with slopes, as slopes can be reliably levelled out by the hydraulic stabilisers.

Good to know: Our telescopic platforms with crawler tracks have stabilisers that can bridge even large differences in height thanks to their length. When retracted, these outriggers are folded to the side so that the small design of the tracked access platform is retained.

In addition to the crawler chassis and the hydraulic outriggers, this work platform is characterised by its telescopic arm with rotating workman basket. Depending on the model, the following operating radii can be achieved:

  • maximum lateral reach of up to 23 metres
  • Maximum working height of up to 39 metres

Rent work platforms with chain drive - your advantages

  • Extremely all-terrain and manoeuvrable
  • Compact design
  • Small clearance width and height
  • Low tare weight
  • Ground-protecting rubber crawler tracks
  • Can be controlled from the workman basket
  • Precise positioning
  • Flexible use indoors and outdoors
  • Easy operation
  • With electric drive or diesel engine
  • Self-propelled

What work and locations are tracked access platforms suitable for?

Just like our other work platforms, our tracked platforms are also suitable for work at height, such as repairs, maintenance and assembly work, tree care, façade and window cleaning and painting work. The big difference, however, is that the tracked telescopic platforms are suitable for difficult and sensitive surfaces, such as sand, grass and mud, as well as sprung floors in a gymnasium.

These robust platforms are frequently used, for example

  • on impassable construction sites
  • on sites with confined spaces
  • in cemeteries
  • in parks with slopes
  • in churches
  • in gymnasiums and sports facilities
  • in railway stations
  • in museums

Why are the work platforms also suitable for indoor use?

Thanks to their relatively narrow design, the tracked work platforms can also get through narrow spaces such as doors and can easily negotiate stairs with their crawler tracks. The comparatively low dead weight also ensures that the platforms with electric drive are suitable for indoor use. This is made possible by the rubber tracks, which protect the floor on the one hand and optimally distribute the weight over a larger area on the other.

Which work platforms with chain drive can you hire from us?

You will find a wide range of tracked telescopic boom lifts in our hire fleet - from small, manoeuvrable machines with electric drives to large, powerful platforms with diesel engines.

Which model is right for you depends on various factors:

  • Required working height
  • Required lateral outreach
  • Weight and dimensions
  • load capacity
  • outrigger width
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Type of terrain

Are you unsure which of our rental equipment is right for your application? We will be happy to advise you or - in the case of difficult local conditions - come to your construction site for a consultation. Or you can use our practical photo finder. Simply upload up to four photos of your site and we will find the right hire equipment for you.

All equipment variants of telescopic boom lifts at a glance:

  • Rotating workman basket
  • Rubber track drive
  • Hydraulic support
  • Workman basket equipped with 230-volt connection
  • Silent diesel engine
  • Chain drive for difficult terrain
  • Lean angle compensation

The Wagert rental programme: simply aim high with our work platforms

With us, you will find the right height access technology for your application. In addition to the diverse selection of tracked aerial work platforms, you also benefit from our first-class service when hiring from us. You can collect the tracked telescopic platforms from one of our hire stations with a suitable transport vehicle or we can deliver the platform to you on one of our low-loaders. Detailed instruction and reliable handling are a matter of course for us.

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