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Do you need height access technology that is as compact as possible, yet still resilient, that gets you up high and works safely even in narrow, winding locations? Our high-quality trailer-mounted access platforms are the perfect choice for you. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, in our modern rental park we offer you trailer-mounted platforms with maximum working heights of up to 25 metres. And best of all, you can simply collect the work platforms with a suitable towing vehicle from one of our hire stations - for maximum flexibility and quick solutions.


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Read the frequently asked questions about our trailer working platforms here.

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Do I need special training to operate trailer-mounted platforms?

You do not need any special training to operate trailer-mounted work platforms, as the operator is legally responsible for the use and operation of the trailer-mounted work platform. You will receive instruction in the operation of the equipment from us before commissioning or when you collect the trailer-mounted work platform you have hired. However, we recommend that you attend an appropriate IPAF training course at our training centre to ensure the safe use of the trailer-mounted work platform.

Can I transport loads in the workman basket of a trailer platform?

No. The workman basket on the trailer-mounted platforms is only used to lift you and your tools to a height. Smaller materials that you can easily hold in your hands, such as ceiling lights etc., can of course be taken into the workman basket. For larger loads, such as sofas, safes, etc., we recommend a telescopic forklift.

Do I have to clean the trailer platform before returning it?

Cleaning is included in the hire price for normal use of the trailer working platform. You should remove coarse soiling that requires intensive cleaning, such as paint, concrete, etc., yourself before returning the trailer. Alternatively, the cleaning costs for stubborn dirt will be charged separately. It is best to enquire about your individual application in advance at one of our hire stations or by telephone on +49 921 789920.

Do I have to collect the rented trailer platform?

Preferably yes. All our trailer-mounted platforms are road-legal. If you have a suitable towing vehicle yourself, you can collect your hired trailer-mounted work platform from one of our Wagert hire stations. Please note: The towing and drawbar load of the towing vehicle will be checked by us on collection by presenting your vehicle licence.

Is there a minimum hire period for trailer platforms?

No. You are flexible when it comes to the hire period for our trailer-mounted platforms. Whether 1 day or 1,000 days. There is only a minimum hire period for operations with additional operating personnel. Please note that the applicable labour laws and driving and rest periods must be observed. We will be happy to advise you in advance by telephone on +49 921 789920.

Where can I hire Wagert trailer-mounted work platforms?

Our network of hire stations stretches from the Upper Palatinate to Franconia and Thuringia all the way to Saxony. You can find all our hire stations here. Depending on the enquiry and type of job, we also hire out our work platforms, lifts, forklifts and other equipment nationwide. Please contact us for larger orders. You can reach us by telephone on +49 921 789920.

Can I book operating personnel for the trailer platforms?

Conditionally, provided that the trailer-mounted platform hired allows it. If you are unsure of how to operate the platform, or if you do not have the necessary training to use it safely on your construction site, you can book expert operating personnel for individual trailer-mounted platforms. However, this service is subject to a minimum hire period. We will be happy to advise you in advance by telephone on +49 921 789920.

Are the safety belts recommended for using the trailer working platform included in the hire price?

No. All our trailer-mounted work platforms are delivered to you without safety harnesses. However, PPE kits (PPE = personal protective equipment) can be purchased from us. For safety and hygiene reasons, it is unfortunately not possible to hire safety equipment.

Am I allowed to drive a trailer-mounted work platform on public roads?

Yes, our trailer-mounted platforms have a valid road licence, which means that they can be used on public roads. Please note, however, that the towing vehicle used must be suitable for transporting a trailer platform. We will check this when you collect the vehicle by presenting your vehicle's licence. If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you in advance by telephone on +49 921 789920.

Can I hire a trailer-mounted work platform from Wagert as a private individual?

Yes, you can hire all our trailer-mounted platforms at any time, even as a private individual.

What is the largest trailer-mounted work platform I can hire?

Our largest trailer-mounted work platform, the A 250, reaches a working height of 25 metres.

Flexible, mobile and compact – trailer-mounted work platforms for indoor and outdoor use

Whether in the trades, in gardening and landscaping or in facility management - trailer-mounted access platforms are the perfect choice for short and one-off jobs. Whether you want to carry out spontaneous repair work, assembly and maintenance work or you need to reach a certain working height for care and cleaning work - our practical trailer-mounted platforms get you safely up high. And the best thing is: thanks to the uncomplicated self-transportation, simple operation and high flexibility for changing work sites, the trailer-mounted platforms are a cost-effective height access solution.

Thanks to their small size and maximum mobility, they can be used in a variety of ways:

  • at working heights of up to 25 metres
  • indoors with low floor loading capacity
  • in confined spaces and narrow aisles
  • for dynamic work at different heights
  • as a cost-effective variant for short assignments

What is a trailer-mounted work platform?

With this type of work platform, the name says it all: these are passenger work platforms on a trailer chassis. This means that the platform is coupled to a towing vehicle with a ball coupling like a normal trailer and can be towed flexibly and spontaneously from site to site. This mobility is a major advantage in contrast to scaffolding or other work platforms. A further advantage is the compact, lightweight design, which enables use in hard-to-reach places with narrow or low passages. And use indoors and on sensitive floors with a low load capacity is generally no problem for this lightweight. Hydraulic stabilisers ensure safety and stability. They enable a maximum working height of up to 25 metres and a lateral reach of up to 10 metres. The workman basket has a load capacity of up to 215 kg, so that work can be carried out at lofty heights by two people or with heavy materials.

Trailer working platform hire – your advantages:

  • Compact design
  • Low dead weight
  • Working heights of up to 25 metres
  • Lateral reach of up to 10 metres
  • Load capacity of the workman basket up to 215 kg
  • Self-transport with suitable towing vehicle
  • Quick change of location
  • Easy operation from the workman basket
  • Gentle on the ground, also suitable for enclosed indoor areas
  • Self-propelled drive
  • Hydraulic quick stabiliser
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors

What types of work are trailer-mounted platforms particularly suitable for?

Our trailer-mounted working platforms are suitable for a wide variety of activities. They are primarily used outdoors, for example for work on facades and roofs, trees, street lamps or traffic lights. However, due to their low weight and electric drive, they are also ideal for indoor use and save the need for time-consuming scaffolding, for example in halls, churches, museums or backyards.

These functional platforms on a trailer chassis are often used for the following work at height:

  • Work on roofs, gutters and chimneys
  • Façade cleaning
  • Façade insulation
  • Painting work on facades and ceilings
  • Installation and repair of safety technology and lighting
  • Tree care work
  • Removal of insect nests

What trailer-mounted work platforms are available?

In our rental park, we offer you a selection of different trailer-mounted work platforms - from small electric work platforms to large self-propelled rental equipment. This means you can hire a fast, safe and cost-effective height access solution from us - without having to purchase, maintain and store a platform yourself.

Which model is right for you depends on various factors:

  • the maximum working height required
  • the lateral reach
  • the weight
  • the load capacity
  • dimensions of the working platform
  • outrigger width

TipNot sure which trailer-mounted work platform is right for your application? We will be happy to advise you or - in the case of difficult local conditions - come to your construction site for a consultation.

All equipment variations of our trailer platforms at a glance

  • Rotatable workman basket
  • 230-volt connection in the workman basket
  • Self-propelled drive
  • Hydraulic quick support
  • Ball head coupling

What must be observed when setting up a trailer platform?

Our trailer-mounted platforms are easy to handle and can compensate for sloping surfaces to a certain extent. This makes them suitable not only for uneven ground, but also for sensitive surfaces, such as indoors, thanks to their low weight. Hydraulic supports ensure stability and safety. Make sure in advance that the dimensions of the work platform and the support width match the conditions on the construction site. As our work platforms are electrically powered, they require a 230-volt power connection for operation.

How is the trailer platform controlled?

If the platform was transported to the construction site by car or another towing vehicle, it can be detached from the vehicle and positioned. The support is hydraulic. The telescopic boom and cage boom can be controlled from the platform or from the cage.

What do I need to bear in mind when collecting the work platform?

You can easily collect the work platforms from one of our hire stations. Whether with a conventional car, an SUV or another towing vehicle - the vehicle must have a trailer coupling and the required drawbar load. Information on the drawbar load can be found in the registration documents. As a rule, a class BE German driving licence (old German driving licence class 3) is required to transport our trailer-mounted work platforms.

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