Trailer-mounted platforms

A 135

Icon: Trailer working platform
Working range
support width approx.
13,50 m
stand height approx.
11,50 m
lateral range max.
9,10 m
vehicle height approx.
2,16 m
work cage approx.
1,30 x 0,70 m
vehicle length approx.
6,09 m
vehicle width approx.
1,79 m
support width approx.
3,8 - 4,2 m
vehicle approx.
1635 kg
carrying capacity work cage approx.
215 kg
Drawbar load: 120 kg
  • for work heights of up to 25 metres
  • compact design (widths of 89 cm and above)
  • fast relocation
  • protects the ground
  • also for indoor use
  • can be transported using a private vehicle
  • optional rotating work cage with special-purpose work platform
  • self-propulsion (overdrive – all-wheel drive with special-purpose work platform)
  • hydraulic fast stabilisation

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