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Powerful & efficient: shredders from the Wagert hire fleet

Whether for forestry work in the woods or pruning work in parks, next to roads or public paths - all of this work produces large quantities of branches and trunks that need to be removed. The powerful wood chippers from our hire fleet shred wood and green cuttings quickly and effectively on site. Their decisive advantage: The resulting wood chips have a significantly smaller volume and can be transported away and recycled with little effort. This means you can save on working time, journeys and costs with a shredder.


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Read the frequently asked questions about our wood chippers here.

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Do I need special training to operate wood chippers?

You do not need any special training to operate wood chippers, as the operator is legally responsible for the use and operation of the wood chipper. You will receive instruction in the operation of the machine from us before commissioning or when you collect the wood chipper you have hired. However, we recommend that you attend an appropriate IPAF training course at our training centre to ensure the safe use of the wood chipper.

Do I have to clean the wood chipper before returning it?

Cleaning is included in the hire price for normal use of the wood chipper. You should remove coarse soiling that requires intensive cleaning yourself before returning the machine. Alternatively, the cleaning costs for stubborn dirt will be charged separately. It is best to enquire about your individual application in advance at one of our hire stations or by telephone on +49 921 789920.

Do I have to refuel the wood chipper before returning it?

In principle, no. However, please note that diesel costs are not included in the hire price. You will receive a fully fuelled wood chipper from us. You are free to return it with a full tank or use our refuelling service. You will be invoiced separately for the cost of refuelling.

Do I have to collect the hired wood chipper?

Preferably yes. If you have a suitable towing vehicle yourself, you can collect your hired wood chipper from one of our Wagert hire stations. Please note: The towing and drawbar load of the towing vehicle will be checked by us on collection by presenting your vehicle licence.

Is there a minimum hire period for wood chippers?

No. You are flexible when it comes to the hire period for our wood chippers. Whether 1 day or 10 days. We will be happy to advise you by telephone on +49 921 789920.

Where can I hire Wagert wood chippers?

Our network of hire stations stretches from the Upper Palatinate to Franconia and Thuringia all the way to Saxony. You can find all our hire stations here. Depending on the enquiry and type of job, we also hire out our work platforms, lifts, forklifts and other equipment nationwide. Please contact us for larger orders. You can reach us by telephone on +49 921 789920.

Can I book operators for the wood chippers?

No, unfortunately we do not offer this service for wood chippers.

Am I allowed to drive a wood chipper on public roads?

Yes, our wood chippers have a valid road licence, which is why they can be driven on public roads. Please note, however, that the towing vehicle used must be suitable for transporting a wood chipper. We will check this when you collect the vehicle by presenting your vehicle's licence. If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you in advance by telephone on +49 921 789920.

Can I hire a wood chipper from Wagert as a private individual?

Yes, you can hire all our wood chippers as a private individual at any time.

What is a wood chipper?

Our hire equipment also includes high-quality wood chippers. These are specialised machines for shredding branches, logs, leaves and green waste, which are mounted as trailer shredders on a single-axle trailer and transported to the job site with a suitable towing vehicle. The shredder has a powerful diesel engine that drives the shredding unit. Razor-sharp cutting tools are used to process clippings into small chippings. The clippings are fed into the shredder directly at the place of use via a feed hopper or branch feeder, shredded and transported outside as shredded chippings via a high ejector. The woodchippings can then be collected directly from a trailer, container or big bag and then transported away.

Good to know: As the volume of chopped cuttings is significantly smaller than that of bulky branches, the number of journeys is reduced immensely and you save time, costs and journeys.

Your advantages with a shredder

  • Processing of the branch material on site
  • Mechanical shredding of branches and trunk material
  • Reduced volume of the cut material
  • Fast, uncomplicated removal of the wood chips
  • Reduced workload
  • Further utilisation of the wood chips possible

What types of work are shredders suitable for?

Wood chippers are used regularly in many areas, for example

  • in gardening and landscaping,
  • in forestry,
  • in agriculture,
  • in municipalities and local authorities for the maintenance of roadside greenery and
  • in the maintenance of trees and shrubs along railway tracks.

The machines are suitable for shredding branches, twigs, trunks, roots, leaves, green cuttings and much more. As wood cuttings in particular are often very bulky, it is worth shredding them. The reason: shredders are an efficient way of reducing branches and the like to a compact size. Not only can the prunings be transported and disposed of much more quickly and easily as shredded material, but the shredded woodchippings can also be recycled.

What can the wood chippings be used for?

Wood chippings can be usefully recycled. The small wood chips are suitable, among other things

  • as fuel for wood chip heating systems
  • for composting and therefore as a valuable organic fertiliser
  • for mulching beds, under trees and shrubs
  • as bedding material for horse stalls

Which shredder is the right one for your work?

Which shredder is the right one for your shredding work depends on various factors. What do you want to shred? What is the diameter of the branches? What are the ground conditions on site and how heavy can the machines be? Do you want to process the shredded material further? Our experience shows that a mobile trailer shredder, which can be easily transported from one site to the next with a suitable towing vehicle, is suitable for most applications.

Save costs, time and labour - hire a wood chipper from Wagert

In many areas, a shredder is used regularly, but only for short periods of time. In this case, it is worth hiring a shredder. We not only provide you with high-quality rental shredders in various power levels from around 25 to 59 hp, but of course also first-class service. We will be happy to advise you in advance as to which machine is right for you and provide you with detailed instructions on the operation of the machines on site at our hire stations.

All equipment variants of our shredders at a glance

  • Trailer shredder on single-axle trailer
  • Silent diesel engine
  • Power: 25 to 59 hp
  • Chipping thickness: 19 to 22 cm
  • Drawbar load: 70 kg

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