People-carrying lifts

Manoeuvrable, fast, uncomplicated

With our people-carrying lifts, you benefit from fast and uncomplicated assembly and dismantling as well as stability and immense manoeuvrability.


Read the frequently asked questions about our people-carrying lifts here.

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Do I need special training to operate people-carrying lifts?

You do not need any special training to operate people-carrying lifts, as the operator is legally responsible for the use and operation of the people-carrying lifts. You will receive instruction in the operation of the equipment from us before commissioning or when you collect the people-carrying lift you have hired. However, we recommend that you attend an appropriate IPAF training course at our training centre to ensure the safe use of the people-carrying lift.

Can I transport loads in the basket of a people-carrying lift?

No. The work basket of the people-carrying lift is only used to lift you and your tools to a height. Smaller materials that you can easily hold in your hands, such as ceiling lights etc., can of course be taken into the work basket. For larger loads, such as sofas, safes, etc., we recommend a telescopic forklift.

Do the tyres of the people-carrying lift leave marks on my floor?

No. All our people-carrying lifts have non-marking tyres that leave no marks on your floor. This means that our hire equipment can also be used on sensitive floors, such as sports parquet floors. Always observe the load limits per wheel specified by the floor manufacturer for rolling loads.

Can I use the people-carrying lift to travel through narrow corridors and doors?

This is usually not a problem. With a height of 1.98 m and a vehicle width of 0.74 m, our PL 110 people-carrying lift also fits through narrow passages and has a considerable working height of 11.02 m.

How many people do I need to use a people-carrying lift?

All our people-carrying lifts are designed for one-man operation.

Can I move the people-carrying lift even when the workman basket is fully extended?

No. Due to the great working height offered by our people-carrying lifts, a lateral support is required to prevent the people-carrying lift from moving when the workman basket is extended.

Do I have to clean the people-carrying lift before returning it?

Cleaning is included in the hire price for normal use of the people-carrying lift. You should remove coarse soiling that requires intensive cleaning, such as paint, silicone, acrylic, concrete, etc., yourself before returning the lift. Alternatively, the cleaning costs for stubborn stains will be charged separately. The best way to find out about your individual application in advance is to visit one of our hire stations or call us on +49 921 789920.

Do I have to collect the people-carrying lift I have hired?

No. Our people-carrying lifts are not road-legal, which is why they may not be moved on public roads. Our in-house fleet of low-loaders will deliver your hired people-carrying lift to the desired location on the desired date and pick it up again at the end of the hire period. If you have your own means of transport, you are welcome to collect your hired people-carrying lift from one of our Wagert hire stations.

Is there a minimum hire period for people-carrying lifts?

No. You are flexible when it comes to the hire period for our passenger lifts. Whether 1 day or 1,000 days. We will be happy to advise you by telephone on +49 921 789920.

Where can I hire Wagert people-carrying lifts?

Our network of hire stations stretches from the Upper Palatinate to Franconia and Thuringia all the way to Saxony. You can find all our hire stations here. Depending on the enquiry and type of job, we also hire out our work platforms, lifts, forklifts and other equipment nationwide. Please contact us for larger orders. You can reach us by telephone on +49 921 789920.

Can I book operating personnel for the people-carrying lifts?

No, the passenger lifts are designed so that they can be controlled and operated by one person.

Are the safety harnesses recommended for using the people-carrying lifts included in the hire price?

No. All our people-carrying lifts are delivered to you without safety harnesses. However, PPE kits (PPE = personal protective equipment) can be purchased from us. For safety and hygiene reasons, it is unfortunately not possible to hire safety equipment.

Am I allowed to drive a people-carrying lift on public roads?

No. Our people-carrying lifts are not road-legal, which is why they may not be used on public roads. They are also designed for indoor use. We will be happy to deliver your hired people-carrying lift to your place of use.

Can I hire a people-carrying lift from Wagert as a private individual?

Yes, you can hire all our people-carrying lifts as a private individual at any time.

Which is the largest people-carrying lift I can hire?

Our PL 110 people-carrying lift reaches a working height of 11.02 metres.

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