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Telescopic handlers – the all-rounders for heavy loads and great heights

Are you looking for a powerful construction machine for versatile applications? Our telescopic forklifts are the all-rounders in our rental programme in terms of lifting height, load capacity and reach. Thanks to their robust design and telescopic arm, the forklifts are suitable for a wide range of applications on difficult terrain. The special highlight: various attachments turn the telehandler into an all-rounder, combining the advantages of a forklift truck, crane or telehandler. Whether rigid or mobile, small and manoeuvrable or large and powerful – you can hire the right telehandler for your project from us.


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Read the frequently asked questions about our telescopic handlers here.

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Do I need special training to operate telescopic forklifts?

You do not need any special training to operate telescopic forklifts, as the operator is legally responsible for the use and operation of the telescopic forklift. You will receive instruction from us on how to operate the telescopic forklift before it is put into operation or when you collect the telescopic forklift you have hired. However, we recommend that you attend an appropriate IPAF training course at our training centre to ensure the safe use of the telescopic forklift.

Do I need a special driving licence for a telescopic forklift?

As the driver of a telescopic forklift truck, it is necessary to have appropriate proof of competence in handling the industrial truck. A forklift licence, officially known as a driving licence for industrial trucks, is mandatory even for driving in the company environment and on construction sites. To obtain this licence, you must successfully pass both a theoretical and a practical test.

What loads can I transport with the telescopic forklifts?

The maximum load capacities of our telescopic forklifts are between 2.5 tonnes and 7.2 tonnes. If you are unsure about the combination of maximum lifting height and maximum load capacity, we will be happy to advise you by telephone on +49 921 789920.

Are there any accessories that can also be hired?

Yes, we offer fork extensions, winches and load hooks for our telescopic forklifts. We will be happy to advise you on your individual application. You can reach us on +49 921 789920.

Do I have to clean the telescopic forklift before returning it?

Cleaning is included in the hire price for normal use of the telescopic forklift. You should remove coarse soiling that requires intensive cleaning, such as paint, concrete, etc., yourself before returning it. Alternatively, the cleaning costs for stubborn dirt will be charged separately. It is best to enquire about your individual application in advance at one of our hire stations or by telephone on +49 921 789920.

Do I have to refuel the telescopic forklift before returning it?

In principle, no. However, please note that diesel costs are not included in the hire price. You will receive a fully fuelled telescopic handler from us. You are free to return it with a full tank or use our refuelling service. The costs for refuelling will be charged separately. Please note that it must always be ensured that the remaining tank level is sufficient for loading.

Do I have to collect the hired telescopic forklift?

No. Our telescopic forklifts are not road-legal, which is why they may not be driven on public roads. Our in-house low-loader fleet will deliver your hired telescopic forklift to the desired location on the desired date and will also collect it again at the end of the hire period. If you have your own transport facilities, you are welcome to collect your hired telescopic forklift from one of our Wagert hire stations.

Is there a minimum hire period for telescopic forklifts?

No. You are flexible when it comes to the hire period for our telescopic forklifts. Whether 1 day or 1,000 days. We will be happy to advise you by telephone on +49 921 789920.

Where can I hire Wagert telescopic forklifts?

Our network of hire stations stretches from the Upper Palatinate to Franconia and Thuringia all the way to Saxony. You can find all our hire stations here. Depending on the enquiry and type of job, we also hire out our work platforms, lifts, forklifts and other equipment nationwide. Please contact us for larger orders. You can reach us by telephone on +49 921 789920.

Can I book operators for the telescopic forklifts?

No, unfortunately we do not offer this service for telescopic forklifts.

Am I allowed to drive a telescopic forklift on public roads?

No. Our telescopic forklifts are not road-legal, which is why they may not be driven on public roads. We will be happy to deliver your hired telescopic forklift to your place of use.

Can I hire a telescopic forklift from Wagert as a private individual?

Yes, you can hire all our telescopic forklift at any time, even as a private individual. However, please note the restrictions on use. You can only hire a telescopic forklift from us if you have a valid forklift licence.

Which is the biggest telescopic forklift I can hire?

Our TS 72-10 telescopic forklift has a maximum load capacity of 7.2 tonnes and our TS 50-35 ROTO telescopic forklift has a maximum lifting height of 34 metres. If you are unsure which combination of load capacity and lifting height is the right one for your application, we will be happy to advise you by telephone on +49 921 789920.

Telescopic forklift trucks – maximum flexibility in lifting height and load capacity

Do you need height access technology that can lift heavy loads, is versatile and is even impressive on uneven terrain? Then our telescopic forklifts are the perfect choice. Thanks to lifting capacities of up to 7.2 tonnes, maximum lifting heights of 34 metres and a lateral reach of up to 27 metres, our rental forklifts are suitable for lifting heavy loads - even over obstacles. Another advantage: the high flexibility of the machines. On the one hand, this is due to the adjustable reach of the telescopic arm. Secondly, you can hire various attachments from us that allow the telehandler to take on the functions of other machines, such as a crane, a work platform or a wheel loader.

What is a telescopic handler?

Telescopic forklift trucks are industrial trucks. Unlike conventional forklift trucks with a fixed lifting height, telescopic forklift trucks are equipped with an extendable telescope that can be used to perform both vertical and horizontal movements. This makes them ideal for transporting heavy loads – over distances and obstacles. These robust machines are available in various designs, sizes and with different load capacities. A basic distinction is made between

  • fixed telehandlers
  • rotating telehandlers

Good to know: Whether fixed or mobile - both types can be equipped with various attachments.

Telescopic forklift hire – your advantages

  • Rigid or rotating models
  • Vertical and horizontal load transport
  • High functionality
  • Lifting height up to 34 metres
  • Load capacities up to 7.2 tonnes
  • Lateral reach of up to 27 metres
  • Various special accessories
  • Powerful drive
  • Off-road capability

What types of work are telescopic handlers suitable for?

Our telescopic handlers ensure safe load lifting and material transport at a distance and at great heights. Thanks to their robust design and powerful drive, they are predestined for difficult operating conditions and unstable surfaces. This makes them suitable for a wide range of applications - from transport, loading and unloading and handling to moving large loads.

Typical applications include

  • Construction industry
  • trades
  • Mechanical engineering
  • industry
  • steel construction
  • Lifting and storage technology
  • Hall construction
  • Forestry
  • Agriculture
  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Demolition work


Good to know: Some of our telehandlers can be combined with a workman basket as an attachment and thus serve as a working platform.

Which telescopic handlers are available?

Our hire fleet includes a large selection of telehandlers, from small forklifts with electric drive to powerful machines with all-terrain four-wheel drive. Choose a model that meets your requirements – in terms of lifting height, load capacity and drive type, but also in terms of flexibility. As a broad-based rental company, we also offer ROTO forklifts with a rotating telescopic boom in addition to fixed telescopic forklifts. Both types are equipped with load forks. However, depending on the model, you have the option of renting additional attachments to increase the functionality of the rental equipment.

Tip: All information and a load capacity diagram can be found in the details of the respective rental vehicles.

What is the difference between a rigid telescopic handler and a ROTO telescopic handler?

Both rigid telescopic forklifts and ROTO telescopic forklifts can lift objects and construction materials up and over obstacles with their telescopic arm. While the rigid models are mobile and can drive and transport at the same time, the ROTO telehandlers can swivel their rotating uppercarriage through 360°, but are fixed in a specific position thanks to their hydraulic supports. In combination with an earth bucket, we can also offer you rotating telescopic handlers.

Telehandler, crane and co – these accessories turn the telehandler into an all-rounder

Would you like to transport pallets, soil, machines or other loads with the telescopic handler? No problem! The vehicles can be equipped with numerous attachments so that they can transport almost any load safely and efficiently. The attachments are combined with the forklift truck using a quick-change device. Depending on the device, various extras are available:

  • Load fork: Forks enable the transport of pallets, cuboid objects and other construction elements.
  • Fork extension: This allows even extremely large components to be moved with ease.
  • Earth bucket: A bucket transforms the forklift into a telescopic handler for the efficient transport of loose goods.
  • Load hook or hydraulic winch: With this extra, the telehandler shines as an all-rounder and takes on the function of a crane.
  • Work basket: With a work basket, the forklift acts as a kind of mobile work platform.

All telescopic handler equipment variants at a glance

  • Load forks
  • Swivelling uppercarriage
  • Hydraulic support
  • Various steering options
  • Quick coupler
  • Electric drive or diesel drive
  • All-wheel drive
  • Fork extension
  • Load hook on implement carrier
  • Lattice boom with hydraulic winch
  • Earth bucket
  • Attachable winch
  • Work basket
  • Radio remote control

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