Tracked mobile telescopic boom lifts

KT 150 D

Icon: Chain telescopic work platform
Working range
support width approx.
14,70 m
stand height approx.
12,70 m
lateral range max.
7,60 m
vehicle height approx.
1,99 m
work cage approx.
1,40 x 0,80 m
vehicle length approx.
5,20 m
vehicle width approx.
0,78 m
support width approx.
3,15 x 3,61 m
vehicle approx.
1828 kg
carrying capacity work cage approx.
200 kg
  • easy to operate
  • compact design
  • excellent off-road capability
  • can be controlled from the work cage
  • low unladen weight
  • diesel/electric engine
  • rubber tracks protect the ground

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