Forklift trucks & Fork pallet stackers

FS 9.0-55 D

Icon: Forklift truck
Working range
load centre
900 mm
max. lifting height approx.
5,50 m
max. carrying capacity approx.
8,27 t
vehicle height approx.
3,02 m
vehicle length without crane fork approx.
4,15 m
vehicle width approx.
2,32 m
vehicle length with crane fork approx.
5,95 m
carrying capacity
8,27 t
vehicle (with crane fork) approx.
13,0 t
abriebfeste Bereifung
  • lifting heights of up to 5.50 m
  • carrying capacities of up to 9 t
  • diesel, gas or electric available
  • all forklifts are equipped with hydraulic side-shifters
  • abrasion-resistant tyres on demand
  • various fork lengths available

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