Scissor platforms

S 140-12 E/2

Icon: Scissor lift
Working range
support width approx.
13,70 m
stand height approx.
12,00 m
platform size
2,26 x 1,16 m
platform extended
3,18 x 1,15 m
transport measures
2,50 x 1,21 m
transport height with/without railings
2,55 / 1,96 m
total weight
3221 kg
carrying capacity retracted/extended
350 kg
Abrasion-resistant tyres
  • easy to operate
  • ideal for indoor applications on buildings
  • for indoor use with white tyres that will not damage the floor
  • excellent clearance heights and widths (also for standard doors)
  • with and without stabilisers
  • scalable work platforms
  • either electric or diesel engine
  • off-road capability – some with all-wheel drive
  • high carrying capacity – up to 1,000 kg

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