Truck-mounted working platforms

L 270 A

Icon: Truck-mounted working platform
Working range
support width approx.
27.00 m
stand height approx.
25.00 m
lateral range max.
19.50 m
vehicle height approx.
3.55 m
work cage approx.
1.60 x 0.80 m
vehicle length approx.
8.25 m
vehicle width approx.
2.55 m
support width on both sides approx.
4.10 m
support width on one side approx.
3.30 m
support width narrow approx.
2.52 m
carrying capacity
10435 kg
carrying capacity work cage approx.
320 kg
  • Hiring with and without operating personnel
  • 3.5 t to 26 meters already mobile with FS Class B
  • With FS Class 3 / C1 up to 33 meters high
  • Large workspace
  • Quickly ready
  • Road capability
  • Needs-based work baskets
  • Can be operated from the work basket
  • Power connection in the work basket
  • Narrow support
  • Very agile
  • Rapid relocation
  • Telescopic Corbarm

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