Working range
support width approx.
12,70 m
stand height approx.
10,70 m
lateral range max.
5,70 m
vehicle height approx.
1,99 m
work cage approx.
1,05 x 0,69 m
vehicle length approx.
3,65 m
vehicle width approx.
1,20 m
vehicle approx.
4900 kg
carrying capacity work cage approx.
200 kg
Abrasion-resistant tyres
  • can be steered and operated from the cage
  • extremely narrow unit for confined and narrow spaces
  • highly manoeuvrable (lifting frame can be rotated through 90° 2x)
  • increased lateral reach thanks to cage arm
  • ideal as an one-man unit
  • white tyres that do not leave any marks
  • stable due to low centre of gravity

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