Articulated telescopic boom lifts

GT 170 EK

Icon: Articulated telescopic work platform
Working range
support width approx.
17,20 m
stand height approx.
15,20 m
lateral range max.
9,80 m
vehicle height approx.
2,10 m
work cage approx.
1,50 x 0,70 m
vehicle length approx.
5,00 - 6,30 m
vehicle width approx.
1,50 m
vehicle approx.
7345-7798 kg
carrying capacity work cage approx.
225 kg
Abrasion-resistant tyres
  • no stabilisation required
  • obstacles easy to overcome
  • fast relocation
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • rotating work cages
  • full off-road capability thanks to 4×4 all-wheel drive and floating axle
  • silent electrical or low-noise diesel engine
  • self-propulsion can be controlled from the work cage
  • also with zero-emission battery operation for indoor work
  • optionally with 4-wheel steering

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