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Hire, sales, service and logistics

We deliver a comprehensive range of services when it comes to high-rise access systems

Wagert’s flexible work platform hire programme

Our hire programme comprises a huge selection of work platforms, forklifts, and special-purpose equipment. We offer a wide range of almost 150 different machine types in 17 categories. The right solution for every application.

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Sale of new and used equipment

On top of being your hire pros, we are also the perfect partner when it comes to the sale of new and used equipment. Wagert brings you premium technology of the highest standards. What is more, all used machinery is serviced, maintained, and tested in accordance with Germany’s accident prevention regulation. On top of that, we deliver an excellent repair service, replacement parts, as well as after-sales service and advice.

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Customer focus and end-to-end service

We are only satisfied when you are. Uncompromising customer focus so as to provide you with the best possible service every day. We deliver an end-to-end service and the best possible support.

Our sophisticated, solid planning and transport network, our comprehensive customer service, as well as professional maintenance, upkeep and repairs in our own workshops guarantee fast and professional help at our premises or directly in situ.

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