Telescopic forklifts

TS 50-21 ROTO

Icon: Telescopic forklift
Working range
max. lifting height approx.
20,80 m
max. carrying capacity approx.
4,95 t
max. outreach approx.
18,00 m
max. height at max. carrying capacity
10,30 m
carrying capacity at max. height approx.
2,50 t
outreach at max. carrying capacity approx.
6,80 m
carrying capacity at max. outreach approx.
0,80 t
vehicle height approx.
3,12 m
vehicle length without crane fork approx.
6,67 m
vehicle width without support jibs approx.
2,43 m
vehicle width with support jibs approx.
5,10 m
Quick coupler Hydraulic support
Crane forks
1,20 m
500 mm
  • load hook on unit carrier
  • fork extension (2 m)
  • 2-metre lattice boom with 1.50-tonne load hook
  • 2-metre lattice boom with 1.50-tonne hydraulic winch
  • earth bucket
  • attachable winch from 3.5 t to 4 t

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